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Mentoring, a practice that enhances employees’ well-being

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Mentoring, a practice that enhances employees’ well-being


mentoring, workplace well-being, mentor, mentee

Mentoring is a process where a person in a position of power cares for the development of a junior by providing advice to show their effort, value and development in senior management. 

Employees appreciated having a mentor at work. This shows employee engagement and well-being have links to a mentoring culture in organisations. 

Despite coaching shares many similarities with mentoring, the two differ essentially for the scope of their purposes: while mentoring has a more holistic approach to personal and professional development, coaching is more focused on specific skills and tasks needed to achieve clear career goals. 

There are four stages that describe a mentoring relationship in order to improve employee well-being: Initiation, Cultivation, Separation, Redefinition.

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