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How to plan for a sound well-being programme

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How to plan for a sound well-being programme


Well-being policy, psychological risk, Internal prevention and protection service (IPPS), External prevention and protection service (EPPS), Well-being assessment

A well-being programme can be planned in the following 8 steps. For it to succeed, it is essential to get the commitment and ambassadorship from the management, the engagement and ownership of employees, good planning and follow-up of the responsible actor, as well as regular communication and awareness raising.

  • Understand the strategic visions of the organisation – and define goals for well-being policy.

  • Clarify who is responsible for employees’ well-being.

  • Assess the knowledge of the responsible party.

  • Assess the well-being situation of the organisation and analyse the needs of the employees.

  • Define the scope of the well-being programme.

  • Communicate via various channels to raise awareness of workplace well-being and the ongoing programme.

  • Implement the selected well-being programme.

  • Evaluation of the well-being programme and action planning for improvement.

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