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Work-life balance

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Work-life balance


Work-life balance vs work-life harmony; Work as a means to an end/ Work as an end in itself; Pleasure vs satisfaction; Personal values; Dopamine, Neurotransmitter, Emotional Regulation Systems; Compassion, The Healthy Mind Platter; Work-life/work-family boundary management; Flex styles of boundary management – Integrators, Separators and Volleyers

Work-life balance is a broad concept evoking a prioritising between "work" (career or ambition) on one hand and "life" (pleasure, leisure, family or spiritual development) on the other. 

The idea of work-life balance is a bit wrong because it articulates the concept of a perfect 50/50 split between your work life and your private life, between pleasure and satisfaction, between “wants” and “needs”. 

This concept suggests that work is bad, and life is good. The reality is much more fluid. There is no such thing as a "perfect" balance that will work for every person and at every stage of life.

The model described in the module will explain that it is more about work-life harmony than work-life balance.

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