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Leadership skills

Ключови думи:

Фактори за успех, подкрепа от ръководството, ангажираност, култура на благополучие,
ръководители на човешки ресурси, лидерски умения

Employee well-being has received considerable attention during these past years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected employees’ levels of stress and anxiety, with the result of experiencing more burnout and turnover. 

Consequently, a special attention has been given to well-being programmes at work, which undoubtedly contribute positively to reducing employees’ stress and, by extension, more severe symptoms, thus maintaining employees’ well-being. 

Particular attention has been given however to the importance of leadership’s support, engagement, and commitment. 

Consequently, this module provides an overview of the various factors that need to be considered for a well-being programme to be successfully implemented, with particular focus on the importance of buying-in management support and the way of succeeding, so as to achieve their commitment and, by extension, the establishment of a well-being culture within the company.

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